Sleepy Town Life

I’ve spent my entire life living and traveling throughout New England. From Cape Cod to Burlington, Vermont, I’m absolutely infatuated with the endless, quaint little towns throughout the entire region.

Sleepy Town Life is a website that showcases all the amazing sights that can be seen in tiny little towns all over the world – whether they’re in New England, Europe, or elsewhere.


Rainforest Concepts

So, for those who know me, you know I have an absurd amount of hobbies and interests. Some of which include keeping and breeding various fish and even poison dart frogs!

While I love the aquatic and reptile/amphibian community, I couldn’t help but notice there are an extremely high amount of sites that are built using user archaic web technologies that are really painful to user.

Rainforest Concepts is your new source for vivarium inspiration. We showcase the best Aquariums, Terrariums, and Paludariums on the web through a great experience powered by WordPress. This site was created in order to help provide the community with fresh, organized inspiration and provide them with the direction and knowledge to create amazing ecosystems for their flora and fauna.

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Inspiration Exhibit

Inspiration Exhibit is one of my WordPress blogs where I showcase amazing things I find on the internet. Everything from inspirational photography and digital paintings to really fascinating product design and even some freebies. Although I don’t update nearly as much as I’d like to, I’ve still got some cool things for you to check out!

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Featured Image: Modern Magic by Vitaly Alexius